Easy Pizza Toast Recipe Mukbang (피자토스트먹방)| KEEMI★


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  1. you have to put cheese at the bottom so the toppings stay on, so its bread,sauce,cheese,toppings,cheese. =)

  2. I love you, Keemi. But, in my honest opinion, having two large dogs try and share an apartment isn't really a good idea. Even if you do walk them frequently, I feel like a large dog deserves a lot more room. A backyard even… Just to expel all that energy. Unless you guys plan on moving into an actual house with all of those things. In that case, I'd totally say go for it since I know how much you love Ame. You're wonderful mother to him. ^__^

  3. i love your videos idk if i watch them because of the mukbang part though lmao, i like watching you make the food. eatings just a bonus

  4. I saw one of your mukbang where you had a huge container full of whole kimchi. What kind of container is it? Can you send me some please I can't find good Kimchi. I have tried making it myself but well not that great.


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