Epic Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe


Barry and Mike forgot to film a Fridgecam while they were away, so they filmed a better one when they got home!

Get the recipe here: http://bit.ly/29b7CNb
Check out the article here: http://bit.ly/29cagjx

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  1. I want to commend SORTEDfood for this vid. This is the kind of food they should always make. So often they claim to make, say, a shrimp po boy or a full English breakfast, but then they either bastardize a food they don't really understand or else try to hipsterize or gentrify what they think to be the authentic version. In the case of THIS vid, they don't set out to make some authentic food, for, let's face it, there's no authentic food called a pizza grilled cheese. So here we're not distracted by questions of authenticity, and we can focus on the ingredients and colors and how good the food looks and how good we imagine it smells and tastes. Bravo, SORTEDfood! Keep up this good work!

  2. Not every hot sandwich with cheese is a grilled cheese for Christ’s sake. This is a MELT. To call it just a grilled cheese is blasphemous. Anything more than an herb or a condiment deems it no longer a grilled cheese.

  3. You are so funny, the take photo bit, and as a vegetarian, found your comment so dang hilarious!!! Still watching!


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