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Here’s a quick, gluten-free and vegetarian pizza recipe you can enjoy any night of the week. Unlike a traditional dough based pizza this meat-free version has a crispy base made from cauliflower! Yes, we know it sounds weird but trust us, it’s absolutely delicious. Baked until perfectly golden and topped with a homemade tomato sauce, fresh greens, shaved fennel and a scattering of basil and pecorino. So good and with all that healthy veg, it’s a tasty and ingenius way to hit your five a day. Perfect.
What’s your favourite pizza topping? Tell us in the comments box below. If you like this recipe and want more inspiring vegetarian dishes check out Anna’s book – A Modern Way To Eat:
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GF – This is a gluten-free recipe.
V – This is a Vegetarian recipe.

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  1. Not been to a doctor but all I know is when I eat regular pizza and pasta and bread etc I feel cramp and bloated and tired. Since I cut out gluten I feel great ! And have more energy and don't feel bloated and no cramp.

    So this ' gluten is harmless ' myth is a joke.

  2. It's kinda troublesome having to do this type of thing every time I want to eat something that is made with gluten but I have no choice cuz I'm allergic to gluten. TBH gluten is bad for your health but it is ok to eat it once awhile I suppose.

  3. I'm going to try it out but if you are vegan then you should exclude anything that contains dairy by all means. I don't even know what pecorino is, never came across this ingredient but I know enough to know that mozzarella has dairy and If you want to make a complete gluten free pizza then any form of dairy products should be excluded from your recipe Don't you think? I will put an end to ordering gluten free pizza after watching this video. I'm kinda becoming a mini master chef Canada. Let the innovation begin. My so called future kids will be so pleased with me.


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