Hearty Pizza Dip – Retro Recipe Review – brutalfoods


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Ian prepares a hearty pizza dip recipe from a 1982 cookbook all about microwave recipes!
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  1. That part of the salad onion has no flavour it’s essentially just like grass, chop up the white end next time!

  2. Ian, I love you and I love your videos, but…the lack of cooking knowledge on display here is legitimately mesmerizing. I'm not even mad, just fascinated. You don't know how to boil an egg? You're not sure if the flavour of green bell pepper is in the seeds? THE SEEDS. OF A BELL PEPPER. Bruh…How did you…What do you eat? How do you feed yourself?
    Anyway, keep these vids coming, man, it's great to watch you learn. You'll get the hang of it soon enough, I'm sure.

  3. Is that eight pack Ritz cracker only thing an American thing? o.o I live in Canada and stores here sell single boxes of Ritz, and I've never seen a bulk box like that.

  4. The guy from Fawlty Towers is named Basil (Bah-zil), so that stuck with me through my life. My dad, who's an amazing chef, pronounces it Bah-zil, too. But you do you, man.

  5. >be like me
    >be italian
    >see hot italian "sausage"
    >scream internally
    >see french bread "pizza"
    >scream internally some more

    anyway, great video, i'd probably try it, but maybe with more tomato sauce.

  6. When you just about deal with the fact he won't keep the tip of the blade down on the board; and then he cuts the wrong end of the green onion…


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