How to make authentic Neapolitan pizza at home


In this video I will outline the entire process, ingredients, recipes and techniques that I use to make authentic Neapolitan pizza at home.


  1. to make sure I am getting this right, you have added 50G IDY Yeat + 50G water + 50G Flour in the first time you made your Ischia culture ????
    is that right

  2. Saying this is "at home" is facetious. You need a specialty oven and several days for developing the sourdough. Not practical at all; I guess you really CAN'T make neopolitan style pizza with a conventional oven.

  3. I am curious, how did you manage to do the modification on your oven. I have BS and looking for an advice on changing my motor. Can you advise?

  4. "for IDY use 2g and ferment for 3 days at 35-40 degrees F."

    Can someone explain what this means? Ferment it with what?

  5. WOW, I'm italian and a Neapolitan pizza fanatic…this is definitely it and I'd really like to have one!
    Just to be a picky italian, sorry, with a better mozzarella (to put a Galbani's in this pizza is like to install plastic seats in a Ferrari, but always better than the "plastic sheets" that someone dares to call mozzarella… OMG) it would be PERFECT.
    Last question: what about the olive oil? Is it Extra-virgin? What brand or origin?

  6. Супер .готовлю пиццу тоже. никак не могу научится так растягивать. Спасибо за урок.


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