How to make Homemade Pizza From Scratch – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep. 86


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  1. Wonderful recipe, but, if I would cook my pizza on high for 20 minutes it would be black. I do mine 12 minutes and it comes out beautiful. I wish I could form my pizza crust like you do.

  2. Laura, does the type of dough make a difference is appearance after mixing for 10 minutes? Its seems that the all purpose flour after 10 mins still has a rough texture to it and not as smooth looking as the one in your video after balling it. Could that be that it requires more kneading, or possibly a higher protein flour in order to form a stronger gluten structure, thus smoother look?

  3. Laura, many years ago my father would order a pizza from a corner bar in Louisville ky. I,m thinking it would have been sausage and mushroom. This pizza had an aroma for me that was unforgettable , sort of a musty smell and i have only experienced it once in a hospital break room but no one could tell me where it was purchased.i was told this bar was owned by an Italian immigrant and i was wondering if you may know of an unusual Old World ingredient that this fellow may have been using ?

  4. Who could possibly criticise this woman? She has produced hundreds of videos for FREE. Her work got more "professional" in later days but even this early video is well done and the dough is awesome. Love love love Laura in the Kitchen.


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