How to Make Margherita Pizza at Home – Gordon Ramsay


This is a very quick at-home recipe for making Margherita pizza – using rosemary instead of basil for a twist on the classic. This recipe takes you right from dough to topping. Cook it in a frying pan to recreate the searing heat of a pizza oven at home.

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  1. Can I put pineapple on it too?

    Question: Where's the basil? Isn't a Margherita typically made with basil? I love the rosemary though!

  2. I think I prefer Ramsey when is at masterchef, when he is cooking in this video everything seems sooooo American shitty

  3. ost Italians could argue with a 5-star chef about how to make pizza. Fuck's sake, no one is asking you to make it. I could boil a grain of rice and call it pizza, but that doesn't make it pizza. If we want to be "ignorant" when it comes to authenticity, or name, then let us. Life is too short to argue about fucking food. lol You get points for not being as high and mighty as the Spanish. They show up at your house for not cooking Paella with snails and shit.


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