how to make pizza neapolitan DOUGH for house


this video i show you how to make the dough ( FOR THE HOUSE) step to step all natural ingredients and by ands if you have any question feel free to comment and i will replay to you ciao from MAESTRO VITO IACOPELLI


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このビデオは、私はどのように(家のための)生地を作るために、ステップのすべての天然成分をステップにし、 ANDで何か質問はコメント気軽に持っていて、 MAESTRO VITO IACOPELLIからCIAOに私は再生するかどうかを示します

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questo video vi mostro come fare la pasta ( PER LA CASA ) passo passo tutti gli ingredienti naturali e ands se avete qualche domanda non esitate a commentare e mi ripete a voi CIAO MAESTRO da VITO Iacopelli


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  1. you shouldn't mix the olive oil in until the end when dough is nice a uniform other wise the oil in water makes it harder to absorb all the flour.

  2. Thank you Vito. I have tried dozens of Neapolitan dough recipes and none really produced what I was looking for. This dough and how you demonstrate it is fabulous. I am so happy. This video is First Class for me and my family. Grazie mille!

    Would you consider doing a video on how to make focaccia with this dough as I think you said is possible? Please???

  3. Most people recommend mixing yeast and a little bit of flour in water before adding rest of the flour and salt. Salt doesn't work well with yeast and yeast needs some nutrients to feed on.
    A basic recipe for 00 flour is 1kg flour, 650ml water, 6g dry yeast, 1-2 tsp of salt. If you use precise measurements you don't even need flour your work surface after you have mixed it on the bowl. It's a bit sticky at first and then becomes elastic.

  4. Hi Vito, Thank you the wonderful video! Can we use a sourdough starter instead as a substitute for wet yeast ? If yes, How will it change the overall dough recipe.. Thanks


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