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We’ve found the ultimate keto pizza crust – It’s the fathead crust. I made the cauliflower pizza on my first keto recipe episode and I followed that up with a meat crust video as well. Finally I’ve gone ahead and made the fathead pizza, and trust me folks it’s the winner by a mile. One tip though, eat it HOT. Hope you guys enjoy this recipe.

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  1. Is it 4 net carbs per serving or for all 4 servings? Also a unrelated question, whats the difference between net carbs and (total) carbs? Am i just tracking net carbs?

  2. ove this channel,im gonna make this next week im trying to lower my carbs this week and your wife is beautiful, thanks Head banger!

  3. Looks like a great alternative to the regular crust… How can I make almond flour at home? Do you buy raw almonds or roasted? And do you just pulverize them in a food processor? Thank you for all these great ideas 🙂


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