Kids Try 10 Styles of Pizza from Around the World | Bon Appétit


See kids’ glorious reactions to everyone’s competively-favorite regional take on the classic crowd pleaser: pizza!

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Kids Try 10 Styles of Pizza from Around the World | Bon Appétit


  1. If you're going to make them react to Swedish pizza, you should've at least picked one with more toppings on it.. 🙂

  2. Not to pick favorites… but can we get a full episode with just my favorites (the little redhead boy and his older sister)? Their chemistry and commentary are the best.

  3. That’s not a Swedish pizza!? The crust is suuuuperthin and not crunchy at all. The topping is for real tho even if I’m too embarrassed to admit it haha. My friend always order curry banana and it’s awful

  4. Who cares what the kids think about food! They only eat the six cheese pizza and throw away the crust.. They will change their minds and appreciate the food in a better way when they grow up.. This video is pointless!

  5. my cousin is 5
    he doesnt like cheese on his pizza
    sometimes he doesnt like sauce on his pizza
    he is really picky
    he might as well just eat breadsticks with marinara sause or cheesy breaksticks

  6. Pizza didnt czme from italians lol you been lie too you whole life greeks inveted pizza long time ago kids


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