Make Veg Pizza in Microwave Convection Oven Recipe


We all love Pizza and being a vegetarian, Veg pizza in an obvious choice. I love to have as many vegetables as possible on top.
My personal favorite is green bell-pepper (called Capsicum in India) as it provides a lot of color and crunchiness to veggie pizza.

Normally, we buy the un-baked pizza base from market and then top it up with cheese and veggie’s to bake. I have personally never liked the pizza base partially because of not been able to successfully bake it in a desired manner.
The reason could be anything from the quality of the base or something else. So, I decided to make the fresh base at home and try the taste. The final product was certainly much better, hygienic and crispier.

We make Pizza in Microwave convection Oven from scratch i.e. starting with Pizza dough. Here is the step by step recipe.
Please remember that you do need a convection mode in your Microwave for baking. A simple microwave is not sufficient to run through this recipe.

As far as brand is concerned, it does not matter. We use the Onida Microwave Convection Oven and we have seen our friends and relatives using IFB, Samsung and LG too. The process and recipe remains the same. You may have to refer your Microwave Oven’s manual for turning the convection mode ON.

Note: The Microwave Oven AND Microwave Convection are same. You cannot bake in a Microwave without convection mode.

Read more about baking in Microwave Oven.
Prep time: 70 Minute
Cook time: 20 Minute
Total time: 1 hour 30 Minute
Yield: 1 Medium Veg Pizza (Serves: 2 People)
Ingredients for making Pizza dough
1 Tsp Yeast
60 ml Warm Water
160 gms (=5.64 Oz = 0.35 Pound) All Purpose Flour (Maida in Hindi)
1/2 Tsp Salt
1+1/2 Tbsp Olive Oil
Ingredients for Pizza Toppings
1 Tbsp Tomato Sauce
1 medium size Tomato (chopped – Round shape is recommended)
1 medium size Capsicum (chopped – Round shape is recommended)
100 gms (= 3.52 Oz = 0.22 Pounds) Mozzarella Cheese (Add more if you want to double up the fun)
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
To-Taste Salt
1 Tsp Red Pepper(Crushed)
4 Baby Corn Sticks (Optional)(Each sliced into 2 from center)
1/2 Tsp Oregano Seasoning (Optional)

Printable step by step recipe with pictures:


  1. Madam every time i make pizza in my ifb convection oven it is not made up to the mark such as the base do not get that crust or the cheese gets burnt , please thell me that is it my mistake that i choose convection oven over simple oven as the simple oven has 2 metallic layers in which we can betterly cook our pizza from base as well as from the upper side but in this shitty convection oven the hot air only comes from the upside making the cheese present on the uppermost layers to get burnt and which is why i quickly have to remove my pizza from the oven as a result the base remain raw and soo awkward that sometime i think that i should order it from dominos while i have an oven to bake it…… having a convection oven is just sooo much embarrassing that i can't tell you…..u r saying that leave the pizza for 20 minutes in the oven and that too at 200°c madam tab tak toh cheese ka antim sanskaar ho jaega……kyuki saari hot air toh upar se aa rahi hogi base ko kya milega???thenga……result:-complete wastage of time and money

  2. Hi mam actually my oven is fully automatic so wht can I do in that no any option for pizza…..nd searching so much videos BT not learn yet plz help

  3. Kya only convention main laga sakta ha micro blast nahi hoga kyk micro ki demo wala Na kaha that ki micro bina kisi ka khali nahi chale sakta


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