Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe – The ONLY recipe you’ll ever need


Authentic, simple, fast pizza dough. I’ll show you how to make it. The only recipe you’ll ever need.

In this video I show you how to make pizza dough from scratch. From start to finish I’ll guide you through it, then at the end of the video I provide a link to part 2 of this video where we actually make pizzas using the dough.

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Pizza Pizza ! – Video Recipe:

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  1. Why my dough become sticky even though i follow the recipe? Btw, i'm not using a mixer. Is that the reason it became like that?

  2. Hey, just wanted to say thank you for this recipe. O used it to make a stuffed crust 12 inch pizza. The I did the 1 hour rise, and it rose beautifully, and it stretched nicely. Or baked very nicely too
    ☺ you saved my evening last night. Thanks

  3. Hey Frosty, I was wondering… I bought bread flour for the sake of making delicious pizza dough as I heard it works better than all purpose flour. If I substitute the bread flour for the all purpose flour, will that make a difference or not? What other ingredients will I need to change? (Ex. Do I need to take out the olive oil or sugar?) Thanks so much in advance for your reply!! This recipe seems amazing and I can't wait to try it out 🙂

  4. How do I store the pizza dough. In the freezer or just anywhere in my refrigerator? Also, at which point of the dough should I store it or do I have to finish and pre cooked it. I have so many questions >_< please help.

  5. Huge thumbs up!
    Highly recommended.
    Made it without machine. Added two cups of flour then oil and then third cup and kneaded a lot…..8 minutes lol.

  6. I'd just like to add that this guy is boss. Paroused through the comments and saw he has responded to everyone. Bravo, that's some extreme vigilance! (Not fishing for a response btw, props where props are due)

  7. I love the flavor of the dough. But I really hate freezing or fridging those left over dough balls. Can I use your recipe dough to partially pre bake those dough balls into pre baked pizza crusts? Like Bobolli? Also can the splash of water in the oven technique help this recipe? Thank you!

  8. Can i know how many litre or ml water you use for do that pizza dough. Because i heard that u say, 1 cup of warm water, but i see you using a jug of water. It's clearly if u mention it using "ml" or "litre" some ppl are confuse…

  9. I made your muffins and I love them!!!!! But I can't get arrested when it comes to this pizza recipe. I have a Pampered Chef pizza stone & a pizza peel but I still can't perfect this pizza! Where in the oven should the pizza stone be placed? Once the oven reaches 450 leave it for 30 minutes before baking the pizza? Can I leave that raw dough in the fridge 2 or 3 days before using it? I can't seem to makew this work and I even add a tablespoon of onion powder & garlic powder in the flour while mixing. Can I keep the kitchen aid going for 10 minutes? Last week the dough was silky.


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