Pizza Paratha Recipe-Indian Veg Brunch breakfast recipes and kids lunch box snack idea


Pizza paratha recipe is easy to make vegetarian brunch, breakfast, kids snacks and lunch box idea. Pizza paratha is made with fresh homemade wheat flour and veggies.

Here is the ingredient list of pizza paratha:
Whole wheat flour (atta): 2 cups
Grated mozzarella cheese (at room temperature): 1 ¼ cups
Chopped bell peppers: ½ cup
Chopped onions: ½ cup
Corn kernels (at room temperature): ¼ cup
Chopped olives: 8-10
Italian seasoning
Chilly flakes (optional)
Pizza Sauce, Pesto sauce
Cooking Oil
Salt, Water

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  1. How did this pizza work for you? Do share your feedback.
    क्या आपने इसे ट्राय किया? ज़रूर बताएं की कैसा बना.

  2. Pizza has become a universal food enjoyed by all. This recipe of Pizza Parantha is perfect for the times when I or my folks want to enjoy homemade pizza. It is quick recipe as a pizza might take a lot of time. Loved how you experimented with different shapes. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe.

  3. Pizza was originally intended to be prepared as a non sweet pie only.
    Pie is generally baked here it is toasted like a paratha.


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