Super Simple 2 Ingredient Recipes! Homemade Magic Shell, 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough And More!


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Super Simple 2 Ingredient Recipes! Homemade Magic Shell, 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough And More!

In today’s show, I’ll be sharing some super simple recipes with just 2 ingredients and then I’ll be making homemade magic shell and 2 ingredient pizza dough! After the cooking, I’ll be cutting soap!
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Super Simple 2 Ingredient Recipes

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  1. Hope you get the new house it looks good. My birthday is in July as well but I am a cancerian. Thanks for a great show. : )

  2. Hi,do you know about timber and mineral rights for that area? just something you might want to look into, if you haven't already.

  3. I thought u couldnt move somewhere hot? Its HOT as heck n its HUMID like horrible humid…! Its also COLDER than Colorado n we get more snow believe it or not.
    There is a church but its pentacostal…….

    Tornadoes do touch down here….

    Also property taxes are high even for "homesteaders". Would u like to know the reason for the sale? Donald trumps recent tariff will hike farmers 38% higher. …….

    Its gorgeous but having lived in michigan n colorado……its much more cooler in colorado n cheaper overall (not putting real estate in that just cost of living.
    Also the school for dave…. hed have to get up at 5am to start school at 7:50 am becuz of buses. Jacks school might also need bus dependin on which side of county ur on.

  4. Yea, please come to Michigan. We Michiganders would welcome you with open arms. Where in Michigan are you looking? Oh, and yes, you can drive a Toyota for sure!!!!

  5. Michigander or Michiganian?
    A recent poll conducted on six-hundred Michigan residents shows that fifty-eight percent of those surveyed prefer to call themselves Michiganders while only twelve percent favor Michiganian as their choice demonym. The remaining thirty percent were fine with both, did not like either of the two, or simply did not care.

  6. Yes Dave should do ALL the driving with ou now. It's better to get as much experience as possible before he is on his own!!!


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