Sweet Potato Pizza Crust Recipe! HEALTHY & VEGAN


Today we show you an easy vegan pizza recipe!
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  1. I got the kindle version of your book!!! honestly I read a lot of plant based books & I have to give you guys so much credit its probably the first book I read through without skipping pages!! and its soooooo easy to read & follow it honestly is convincing at all the right times b/c I keep going back & forth contemplating giving up healthy fats for probably 4 years and I do still have acne not insane but pimples always. I'm almost done the book & going full force with the rules!! So excited honestly book is amazing I thought you shared a lot on youtube but the book has a lot of awesome info, tips, tricks and SUPPORT.

  2. Ya I looooove the sweet potato "tea" too!! And here's the best hack ever…. Save it and use it to cook lentils or rice in!! It makes them taste so good!!!

  3. Hey, sorry if you've already mentioned this in your videos…i have seen a lot but not not all! What is your view on soy products? particularly soy protein shakes? I am looking at these as they seem to contain the highest protein content amongst vegan proteins. But i know soy has some bad press…whats your opinion?

  4. Book ordered a few days ago and on way:) So excited for recipes and grocery lists! Swimming for exercise is fantastic for endurance and upper body strength 😉 I used to be a swim instructor when I was in high school. My back and abs have never looked better than then hahaha!
    If you ladies ever come to Tucson I think it would be super fun if we collaborated on some content! I could teach some basic swim strokes or do both of your makeup hehe:) you guys could put me through one of your workout routines and we can see if I survive it haha.

  5. What could I use for the pizza other than applesauce and rice vinegar? I really want to make this tonight but don't have either of those things!


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