Pizzas are an experience! Flatbread topped traditionally with tomato sauce and cheese; but now, it comes in many different flavors and colors. You’ve heard of Chicago’s deep-dish pizza, pineapples on pizza, and pizza pockets. And if you think that is the extent of pizza possibilities, get ready to have your mind blown!

1 – Pizza Pot Pie

It seems Chicago isn’t satisfied with being the home of one, distinctive type of pizza; it has gifted us with the Pizza Pot Pie! Sure to excite pizza-lovers and cheese-lovers alike, pizza pot pie is made with lots of Wisconsin Brick Cheese, mushrooms, sausages, and triple raised Sicilian dough. Try this delectable, gooey hybrid at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders Co.

2 – Banh Mi Pizza

Banh Mi, classic Vietnamese sandwich, finds an interesting, delicious Western take in the guise of a pizza. Banh mi is made with layers of juicy, roasted pork, pate, crunchy pickled vegetables, and the baguette that was introduced by the French. To get a taste of the classic sandwich turned into pizza, visit the restaurant Pizza and Bia in Ho Chi Minh.

3 – Cookies n Cheese Pizza

I know what you’re thinking, cookies and cheese in pizza, questionable. But as I mentioned before, pizza is versatile; you can make pizza a dessert! Alberto’s Pizza in the Philippines serve a cheese pizza with cookie crumbs as topping.

4 – Breakfast Pizza

If pizza can be dessert, don’t doubt that it can also be breakfast. Mohawk Bend on Sunset Boulevard is one of the many restaurants serving breakfast pizza now. Theirs, though, is available all day topped with mozzarella, spinach, bacon, parmesan, and egg. If that doesn’t make your mouth water…

5 – Chicken Tikka Pizza Masala

Another hybrid of two cultures, Indian and Italian. Basically, it is pizza topped with masala sauce, chicken tikka, jalapenos, cilantro, and loads of cheese. If you are a fan of this Indian food and want to taste it on a thin-crust base, try this recipe at mattawamum.com

6 – Shrimp Sashimi Pizza

The chef, Simone Padoan, is known for his gourmet dishes. The traditional pizza dough paired with shrimp sashimi and green vegetables makes for a delicious dish.

7 – Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite

Another type of pizza with seafood, the whole shrimp cheese bite of Pizza Hut (South Korea) has whole shrimps wrapped with cheese and dough as stuffed crusts! If you’re a huge seafood and pizza fan, this is definitely a must try.

8 – Hawaiian Pizza

Now, I know the jury is about 50/50 on the controversy of pineapples on pizza but seeing as how I’m writing this article, I insist that before you die, give Hawaiian pizza a chance. The pineapple gives a refreshing splash with every bite. Typically, it is partnered with bacon or ham, lots of cheese, and tomato sauce.

9 – Margherita Sbagliata

Hailed by many pizza-lovers as the best pizza in the world, the margherita sbagliata is made with local, high-quality ingredients and a dough that is light and spongy. You can find this in Campania, Italy, Pepe in Grani.

10 – Neapolitan Pizza

How can we talk about pizzas and not mention a traditional? This style originated in Italy and has strict guidelines: it has to be made with San Marzano tomatoes, and mozzarella di Bufala Campana. The art of making this classic is actually listed in UNESCOs intangible cultural heritage.

If you finish trying these pizzas before you die, consider yourself lucky to still be living as pizza evolves. Pizza aficionados keep surprising our taste buds with their ingenious rendition of the Italian classic.


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