Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza Dough Recipe – Pizza Dough – Pizza


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  1. Hi John, Can you clarify about letting the 1/4 cup of water, yeast and honey sit for ten minutes? thats enough time for the yeast to rise before you make dough.Frank

  2. Yes, you absolutely should have a pizza stone if you’re going to make good pizza, or at least a perforated pizza pan…something! Come on, man. Respect the pie.

  3. Master Chef John, Love your humor, your instructions and techniques are always right on point as well your recipes are always exquisite! Bravo 5 out of 5 stars.

  4. great video thank you. If you get a pizza stone, don't put a calzone on it, the juice spooged out and cracked an almost new stone.

  5. I just made this recipe and it’s fantastic! Firm but smooth, by the way I don’t have oven so I made my pizza in a pan and worked just perfect!

  6. Searching for a pizza dough that would please the palate of this displaced New Yorker, I came across this video and thought "California???". Well I gave it a try, used filtered water so as not to give it a chlorine taste, followed the recipe exactly, and..voila! It is quite good- nice texture and fine flavor. I will use this recipe again. Thank you Chef John! (And Wolfgang!) Happiness.

  7. interesting adding salt into the yeast like that.. cause doesn't salt..thwart the yeast action? Salt has a retarding effect on the activity of the yeast. The cell wall of yeast is semi-permeable, and by osmosis it absorbs oxygen and nutrients, as it gives off enzymes and other substances to the dough environment. Water is essential for these yeast activities. Salt by its nature is hygroscopic; that is, it attracts moisture. In the presence of salt, the yeast releases some of its water to the salt by osmosis, and this in turn slows the yeast's fermentation or reproductive activities. Just asking….

  8. I use my cast iron pizza pan as a pizza stone. Its 14" round and has two handles. Works like a charm. I also use it for stromboli, grilled sandwiches, pancakes, eggs etc For deep dish pizza a cast iron skillet with high sides is perfect. You can make a panini press with 2 flat skillets. Here's the good news. You only have to buy them once. They will outlive you, your kids and your grand kids. My oldest piece is close to 100 yrs old. :o)

  9. Whatever happened to oregano in pizza sauce?  Wasn't even know as oregano in he U.S., called it "pizza spice"…makes pizza, pizza

  10. I cant visit the website because it says its not secure and I cant find an option to bypass it. Firefox nor Chrome will let me visit the site…:/


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