Basic Principles of Permanent Weight Loss Diet plan | Rules of Diet plan to lose Weight | Contest


So the time has come to share our first diet plan for permanent Weight Loss. However, it will be based on some basic 12 principles or rules. So first let us share the complete and detailed list with you. Please go through these rules, as they will ensure you will come out as a winner after doing our diet. They are simple rule not only for a healthy diet but for a healthy lifestyle.

There is another good news with this video we are starting a contest.
Send the asked info on email address :- FoodFitness&
And leave a message in the comment box after doing that
First 5 entries will win a free personalised diet from us. Not only that for 45 days we will be in constant touch with you and will guide you in your weight loss journey.

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  1. I want calcium related food
    ..I have thyroid and rhumatoid arthritis… suffering a lot now a days…can I control arthritis in food.?my weight is 83…I can't able to reduce….I tried a lot…

  2. I sent you the required information over a mail pls consider it. And about salt, then which salt we should it?


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