Best Way to burn fat – HIIT Training -Treadmill sprints – Fat loss tips


This is by far the best way to burn fat and not lose muscle. Target fat with high Intensity interval training. This can be adapted to any cardio machine.

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  1. Would a HIIT training work if I do it on an elliptic machine? Because I have knee injuries that forbid me from having heavy impacts on my knees. Thank you 🙂

  2. This program works . I started walkin on incline for 2 months then gradually started sprinting. Now I'm 1 min on 1 off at level 8-12 on 7 speed . Lost 50 pounds in 3 months jus stay consistent!!!!

  3. I’m learning so much from your channel. Thank you for consistently being obedient! This helped so much. My time at the gym won’t be boring. Does your wife have a channel?!

  4. I do mine 45-50 seconds sprint and 1 minute 10 seconds rest on a slow walking speed like 4mph. Started with 10 sprints and have increased to 15. Always feel like I can't do it anymore at about the 25-30 second sprint mark, but I always finish strong.

  5. This is great! thanks for the video. I am an outside runner and springting outside is so much easier. I usually use the treadmill inside in the winter but I personally hate it becuase I feel that it is boring LOL
    The whole time i never go over a speed of 6 (whatever that means) and to add some "hiit" i do drills on the treadmill but it is pretty boring stuff and it stopped being a challenge a long time ago. I will try this next time (even though treadmills terrify me LOL)


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