Cardio vs Weight training – How To Burn Fat – Best Way To Burn Fat


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My take on Cardio vs Weight training. The best way to burn fat is a combination of both. But if I had to choose one I’d 1000% say weight training is more important.

Cardio vs Weight training – How To Burn Fat – Best Way To Burn Fat

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  1. I am so glad I found your channel. I've only watched one other of your videos before this one, but I already know you can help me. I am an older male who works from home (completely sedentary) as a result of 5 surgeries in the last 10 years. I am in the gym consistently 3 times per week for the last four months, but I think I've gone about as far as I can with what I know. I had 100 pounds to lose; lost 20 fairly easily and quickly, and my weight has plateaued ever since. I also dislike cardio, to be honest, and have no interest in getting my heart rate up too high because I suffer from Arrhythmia, for which I have had one heart surgery in 2011. I love weight lifting on the other hand, have noticed minor strength gains in the past few months, but I do not want to make my unfortunate current body shape rock solid (which I did 25 years ago when I was an overweight gymrat doing cardio and weightlifting under a trainer's advice). I need to know if you take on clients who have multiple chronic ailments, and how much do you charge? Kindly respond to (my website catering to shopping needs of healthy lifestyles). Thanks, Michael

  2. Your videos made me cry. And I'm a Brooklyn girl – u know we're tough (I think you're a Brooklyn boy? Saw you running by Barclay's in a vid. Plus you got the BK attitude 😉

  3. This is a great video! This has been on my mind for the longest. I was way over weight at 420 lbs. now I'm 224 lbs. diet and cardio is what got me here but exactly what you said about shape has happened. I have some muscle tone but my overall shape is just smaller than before, not what I want. Nutritionist wanted me to focus mainly on cardio but it appears weights are a must at this point because it's become very hard to get leaner with just HIIT at this point because like you say the target is just so much smaller. I can feel the muscles but they are coated in a thinner layer of fat, time to hit the weights! Thanks for your channel it helps a lot.

  4. start with squats, bench press, dead lifts, and shoulder presses. Start with light weights and then keep adding weight. These will build your core strength, then you can start doing more specialized training.

  5. Running is the first exercise I was able to stick with for more than few weeks (and I've tried a lot, from calisthenics to powerlifting to martial arts), even though I'm really slow and prone to injury because of my weight I love doing it way more than strength training but I know I should lift more weights both for my running and my weight loss. It's crazy how much the actual running training differs from typical gym cardio sessions of either the same 30 minutes steady forever or HIIT. Maybe lifting weights alone is more optimal than just running, but any movement is much better than doing nothing

  6. Please help.. I've been weight training for over a year.. and I have built muscle and lost some fat. I am an endomorph. I have fat that is laying over my muscle and it is not showing my progress as much as I'd like.. I'm thinking about going a month with doing only cardio… but yeah… idk. I can't run right now due to back injury, but when I first really started working out, I used to do HIIT for a mile everyday, along with light weight training, I was smaller and leaner then. Now that I've increased my weight lifting.. like I am lifting well over my body weight when squatting, I am deadlifting way over my body weight, like I've made so many gains but I look so much bigger than I did when I was doing lighter weights and HIIT. it's like I've 'bulked', but I'm overall bigger. How do I just remove the fat laying over my muscle :/ I started doing 20-40 minutes of cardio after each weight lifting session and it's not making a significant difference

  7. I'm watching this video right now after I ate like shit but I need this motivation keep making these videos your awesome I'm getting ready for the gym ❤️


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