Charles Poliquin- Training Volume, Nutrition & Fat Loss


Charles R. Poliquin, the Strength Sensei, shares key insights from his four decades of experience training elite athletes and Olympians.

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02:19 To win the war on fat, you need to win the insulin war.

03:43 Athletes’ Alzheimer’s propensity

04:19 Profound benefits of strength training

05:39 You don’t need carbs.

06:41 Risk/benefit of peptides like SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator)

08:12 The beneficial hormonal influence of doing squats

09:30 DHEA Sulfate, the mother of all androgens

11:50 DHEA for women

12:37 The best anabolic agent is sleep.

15:03 Screen time affects androgens, sleep, weight gain, fitness, and information retention.

19:50 Carbohydrates are not for everyone.

24:20 Managing stress hormones with carbohydrates

24:40 Meat, wild and domestic, sources of protein

27:06 Meal timing and frequency

29:13 Athletic performance with intermittent fasting and protein/fat consumption

33:39 Regular blood work is a lie detector.

37:18 Leucine and branch chain amino acids for hypertrophy

40:08 Fish oil for weight loss

42:26 GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid), the healthy Omega 6

43:05 Periodization for burning fat and building muscle

49:23 Mindset and quality over quantity

57:55 Charles’ morning routine

01:02:04 Charles’ favorite nutrients/foods are brain-ready carnitine, curcumin and water buffalo.

01:03:54 Charles’ elevator pitch would be to ban soda and look to the Finns for education reform.


  1. This guy is full of shit and pushes his bullshit pseudoscience supplements. On top of that, his physiques looks like shit, he has synthol in arms, fucking gross.

  2. The British have crappy food and can’t cook? Oh good grief – what century are you guys in? This was a really good video right up until the point the opinions started flying. I am British and live in the UK and I can tell you this for nothing – the places in Britain where the food is bad is in the places where there is a large Us influence – particularly malls. In my town obesity isn’t;t an issue at all, my son’s school teaches proper nutrition to 5 year olds and we have 3 gyms on my road within about 1/4 of a mile. We also have a world-class butcher and an amazing home vegetable delivery service from local farms. Compare that to another area about ten miles from my house which has a branch of Asda (owned by Walmart) and Ikea and everyone is eating sugar-filled garbage. My grandparents used to eat ‘fatty’ foods in the north of England because they worked in the coal and steel industries – they needed the calories. In the 1970s that diet was demonsised based on falsified information presented as fact by Us nutritionists who have joined with the largely US food industry to influence global consumption of sugar. Their diets didn’t change – the nutritional content did. Perhaps British diets in the 1970s were bad as a result – low nutrition, low education, and the poor eating habits that come with declining finances in declining industries (coal, steel etc.). But to make a generic sweeping statement about the eating habits of an entire country? On a last note – my wife is Mexican – she and her mum are fitness aware. They spent a year living in the states in the late 1990s. They didn’t change their diet – they went to the gym every second day just as they had in Mexico. She put on 20 pounds. Why – because in the states there is sugar in everything – EVERYTHING. And as for ‘giggles’ “they can’t cook” – wow…just…wow…so you’re saying the average health aware Londoner eats worse than someone in Hicksville USA? Good grief. Remind me of your Presidents favourite food again…

  3. In conclusion, in order to build muscle optimally or have a decent life : don't be an average anglosphere citizen

  4. Wow – legendary persona in the body building community – Charles Poliquin. Master Trainer. GREAT interview. Thanks.

  5. Why anyone would care l what this juice monkey says about health is beyond me. Eats half a water buffalo a day and eats 5-7 times lol or he gets angry.

  6. Hmm so how can he follow people online and recommend workouts to them when he can't look at their blood work ?

  7. I love IF but I will say that this man speaks the truth when he says it all depends on genetic variations. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. He is a man who you know does not have any agenda. Simply genius.

  8. Poloquin is huffing and puffing like an old steam engine. Pipes are strangely distorted and grotesque. Maybe a bit of oil floating around in there

  9. Very interesting man, thank you for this info. I am looking for how to gain muscle for someone in 60’s who has never done any type of muscle training. Where is the best way to start and because I have bad knee can not squat at all! My genetics are Yugoslav/British so I know I do well on LCHF with need to high Protein. Thanks any advise you can offer.


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