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Hi, my name is Darin & I am a World Class Prof. Drug-Free for Life 45 year old Bodybuilder, fitness trainer, author, and husband & Father.

Most of my clients are hard working business owners, parents, & stay at home house moms just like you; who want less fat / more muscle, less stress, more time, energy, & fulfillment. The Fatloss Lifestyle system will streamline your work out & nutrition program.

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Principles that you will use in the Fatloss Lifestyle system will force you to gain muscle & lose fat faster than ever.

My Promise to you is that I will show you how to not only get an amazing physique, but I will give you a precise, personal (exactly for you) total plan of attack that will allow you to do it in a way that feels good. If you are looking for a deeper approach to health, strength, & vitality; then you need this proven system.

My 300 page “FATLOSS LIFESTYLE 12 Week Body Transformation System” will give you the tools to take your body & your life to the next level. Whether you are a:

competitive bodybuilder who wants to get some great contest prep tips and or smooth out your life in between contests,

or you are the gym rat who wants to take your physique to the next level,

or a sedentary 40 year old that needs to get active.



To gain muscle and lose fat you must;

• Take in slightly less calories than you are burning

• Consume higher quality calories. Eat more natural unprocessed foods that don’t come wrapped in a box. If it rots, it’s good for you: Lean (protein with low amount of fat, aka chicken & turkey breasts, lean beef, eggs), Green (vegetable, green beans, salads, apples), & Marine (fish).

• Small meals often. You must eventually work up to 5-6 small meals per day; about every 3-4 hours

• Macronutrient Profile- Every meal you eat should contain protein and carbs combined together. How much? A starting point would be;

1. Most women and under 130 lb. men 15-20 grams of protein in each meal
2. 130 lb. — 165 lb. men 20-30 grams of protein in each meal
3. 170 lb. and up 30-45 grams of protein in each meal One of the biggest “nutrition Secrets” in the Bodybuilding world is a technique called carb cycling. In a nut shell you have two different types of carbs.

Starchy carbs—Sources are brown & wild rice, oatmeal, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes / yams

Non-starchy carbs—Sources are veggies, grean beans, salads, apples, grape-fruit

Cycle your calories by eating only non starchy carbs with your protein on Interval Cardio days and throw in your starchy carbs only on days you train intensely with weights. This is absolutely t he secret for you to keep your metabolism revved up while you gain muscle and lose fat.

You can work-out till your blue in the face but if you do not incorporate Interval Cardio (done first thing in the morning in a fasted state), intense functional multi-joint, compound exercises, small healthy meals often with protein and carbs combined together, positive mindset, goal setting & social support (you will turn into who you hang around) you will not change your body much. Physique development is about losing fat
(to show the shape of the muscle) as much if not more than building muscle. It is definitely a combination of the two.

But if you do focus on “The Three Pillars of Health” you will radically change your waistline, your lifestyle, and your life. For more incredible before and after testimonials;
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The Three Pillars of Health are;

I. The Thoughts That You Think
II. The Exercise That You Get
III. The Foods That You Eat

Some of the people that I respect are Tom Venuto & Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle, Craig Ballantyne & Turbulence Training, Mike Geary & Six Pack Abdominal Program, Dr. Al Sears & his Pace cardio program, Dr. Mercola, & Depoch Chopra and his spirituality teachings.
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