Fat Loss Seminar – Very Motivational!!


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Critics says, “Wesley is very motivational, he ignites the spark within you! We have not seen anything like him since the world top speaker Tony Robbins.”

Wesley Virgin is a special guest speaker at the 1st Choice Weight Loss center speaking to a weight loss community who are struggling with the below.

Lack Of motivation
Not consistent
Lack of time
How to Keep the Weight off .. Forever..

He dives into his Fitness Success Pyramid which is the most powerful concept for an individual to be at their best physically.

You can Book Master Virtual Trainer Wesley VIrgin IV by calling 713-485-4789

Please call a week in advance to ensure Mr. VIrgin can make your event and motivate your community to become a better than their best!!

www.facebook.com/sevendayfitness Get more at http://7dayfitness.com/



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