How Extreme Fat Loss Should Happen


How Extreme Fat Loss Should Happen explains the process of losing body fat in a sustainable manner. How much weight should be lost per week?


  1. Hi Paul! Let's say I've been dieting for a few weeks(let's say 6 months) and I plateau, So, I decided to eat at maintenance for a diet break – How do you adjust your calories for maintenance after being in a deficit?

  2. If someone is very overweight, should they employ diet strategies like refeeds and diet breaks? As far as I can remember, I’ve only heard those ideas discussed in the context of physique athletes preparing for a contest.

  3. Hi paul. I am jonathan, i weight 430 at my last doctors visit. I am also 6’6” and, i am 28 y/o, i have a goal of 250 I tried a lot of the diets i am about to the point to do surgery and my brother watched your video and said i should check you out. I hope you can assist in my goals.

  4. Hey Coach P! My question that I would really hope you make a video topic for is this: if 1 lb =3600 calories, is that number the same for everyone and metabolic state? Or is the number lower in a reverse (ie- putting on fat with less calories if your metabolism hasnt recovered yet). Would love your insight!!

  5. Why don't you do the opposite of this how fast to gain weight in a reverse diet or lean bulking phase ? Always appreciate your advice. I'm in a lean bulk right now & just wondering how long or how much weight gain per month would be best to not over do it. I've only gained about 3-4 lbs in the last several months since the summer. Trying to go slowly, I'm seeing progress but it's starting to slow down. I'm a hard gainer and was only 100 lbs when I started.


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