Ready to lose your belly fat and get rid of your love handles once and for all? Here are 3 simple ways (that you won’t hear anyone else teaching) to lose your belly fat and they are the same principles I followed myself.

Here’s a short quiz to help you discover YOUR muscle fiber type so that you can lose belly fat and rebuild your metabolism so that you can have cheat meals that help you lose belly fat:

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Vince Del Monte
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BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
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  1. Here's the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on this video – lets begin!
    the Good:
    1. Don't starve yourself to loose belly fat. Take it slow. Yes!
    2. Have a strategy for how you eat vs. a diet. This is a great point I wish he would have expanded on.
    3. Change behavior based on results vs. just using metrics. Absolutely.

    the Bad:
    1. There's nothing wrong with counting calories! Some people see great results from this ritual and they enjoy doing it. But it isn't for everybody. I would rephrase this to say 'if you've tried counting calories and hated it, there are other options' and outline that other strategy in more detail.
    2. You really need to expand on what your diet is and how that works for you (with tons of weight training background) vs. the average person. I think this could be very misleading information to a lot of people.

    the Ugly:
    1. You took 22 min. to say something you could have said in under 3 min. or less.
    2. This video seemed to be more about you and what works for you, than actually addressing a solution that will work for most people to lose belly fat permanently. To me, you had some good info and intentions here, but totally missed the mark. Work on condensing and specifying your approach – it will do wonders for your videos.

  2. No Adam's apple.
    Shoulder width is narrower than 3 head widths (a female ratio).
    Sloped, female traps to low-hanging shoulders.
    Verdict: This is not a man, but a female-to-male, heavy use of testosterone and steroid abuse.

  3. I like the advice he is giving it is the same thing I am doing it work what he talking about. I have loss 35 bls everyone should listen to him

  4. I cannot do this, like I am not healthy, I am possibly the most stupidest kid in my high school. Life is extremely hard for me right now, I don't know what to focus on, my Maths, Science Or English, and I am only 14

  5. I’m sure he’s got some type of helpful information to share, but he’s all over the place. At 7:50, he says he hasn’t even gotten to his first point yet. What a waste of time!


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