How To Lose Fat Fast Using The 80/20 Principle.


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How to lose fat using the 80/20 principle.

In this video I apply this business and economics principle to fat/weight loss.

I was inspired to speak and apply the 80/20 rule to Eric Helms’s concept of “the hierarchy of needs”.

This hierarchy shows us that first comes calories, second macronutrients, third micronutrients, fourth fasting/schedules and finally fifth, supplements.

We can equate the first 4 to the “80%”.

People will focus on the “20%” which is what supplements they should use, what type of exercise they should do to lose fat, instead of what really matters which is the 80%.

How many calories are you taking in and furthermore do you know whether you as an INDIVIDUAL respond well to restricting carbohydrates, increasing your protein, lowering it?

Are you eating 80% healthy and indulging as the 20%? Or are you “seeing what you can get away with”.

You see, we are all unique and you need to spend your time mastering this 80% before you even CONSIDER what supplement is going to help you be a healthier and happier person.

Most people will never master the 80% (including me) and so it’s almost pointless both in terms of results and finance to waste time buying useless herbs or purchasing the “6minute abs” or “water fasting program” for only $49.99.

These are just examples of proactively procrastinating to convince yourself that you’re actually doing something that works.




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  1. I like this video but it's to simplistic. You make the statement that the laws of thermodynamics rule your weight, and unfortunately, for a lot of people now a days, that's just not true. Many people have been eating to much for so long that they have screwed up their normal hormonal metabolism. What I am talking about is the great number of people that are fighting obesity, pre-diabetes and/or diabetes. Insulin and leptin are the primary regulators of body fat. These people have chronic high insulin levels (Which are impossible to monitor at home). When one of these high insulin suffers tries to eat less, their bodies immediately go into starvation mode, and all they can think about is getting food. It is not like a normal person would experience. If a reader of this wants more information and what they can do about it check out Dr. Jason Fung MD youtube videos. You are correct about the 80/20 rule, it's called the Pareto Principal . While it is correct that the 20% should be what everyone focuses on, one be wise to understand what that 20% really is, (And it may not be just calories and exercise). Good work otherwise.

  2. I learned this the hard way, so true. I think it's always important to go back to basics on a daily basis.

    edit: llol i've wasted so much money on pointless herbs in my life.


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