Key principles to maximise muscle growth and fat-loss


This video will give you a quick rundown as to the 7 core aspects that needs to be in place in a bodybuilding environment to maximise muscle growth and fat-loss.

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Happy training! Cheers…
Gert Louw

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  1. I love your videos and advise. I am 21 and would love to to pay one of your diet/health plans. I am curious, when we pay for the online advise, do we get to speak with you individually?

  2. Awesome inspiration! I'm 49 years old, and I have lost about 85 lbs in the last 6 months (just about at my target weight). I plan to get on your schedule by beginning a building phase on April 1st. Quick question about lifting to failure. I see that you do 4 sets. When in the building phase, do you lift to failure at rep 8 on each set? And does that imply doing a drop set? Or do you keep the weight the same, and just lift to failure at whatever number of reps you can do?
    – Doug

  3. you've been doing a great work congrats, I'm 41 and I'm skinny guy but I don't like gym so I started training at home two months ago so what is the best routine for the week?


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