Lose weight with weight training


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This is how you can lose weight with strength training
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  1. Mr.Gill apki site se order kiya supplement aj tak aya nhi.
    Rupiya khaa gye ya wapis bhi kroge kyuki tera supplement to aane se raha.

  2. Sir can i go starting from light weight to heavy weight ? Is it good or should i just use one of them ? Plz help me sir i am on vegan diet for fat loss…i gradually lost 1.5 kgs weight in 13 days but i m confused when it comes to light or heavy 🙁

  3. डम्बल कर्ल को डम्बल प्रेस कहते हो चेस्ट रोइंग एक्सरसाइज इतने गलत तरीके से करते हुए आज तक किसी को नही देखा लोगो से 2000 रुपये उस मोटू रणविजय और फ्लापिया साहिल खान से मिलकर लूटते हो और धोखा देते हो इंडियन फिटनेस लीग नही इंटरनेशनल फुद्दू लीग है तेरी बौड़म कही का

  4. can I do these three exercises daily or change the exercise in weight loss if you recommended for change the exercise pls tell me which exercises I do on other days pls help me I want to do weight loss training properly

  5. Gill Saab mere genetics ko dekh ke mene 2 months gym Kia my weight reduced from 96 to 90 and i am just 17 years old and because of my exam I had to leave gym and now I have become 97 in just 10 days what should I do sir

  6. I am a 21 year old girl. can I also do this . because I am doing it and love it but when I am doing it many person say you have to loose weight and start cardio . but I don't like so much cardio so I do both of these . I was having 80 kg before and because of my this strategy I lost 5 kg in 20 days . if I get bulky due to strength training ?? please reply


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