Potassium Prevents Muscle Mass Loss & Body Fat


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Our body’s need 4700mg of potassium each day. This is why it’s vital to consume lots of veggies (7-10 cups) each day.

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Dr. Berg talks about potassium and your muscle and body fat. You need 2.6 milli-equivalents of potassium for every gram of protein in the body. This preserves protein, amino acids and prevents against atrophy and muscle loss.

Each glucose molecule need one ion of potassium to able to hold glucose in the liver and muscle. Stored glucose is called glucogen (stored glucose). This helps regulate blood sugar and without potassium, your body will store more fat.

Atrophy of the muscles, extra body fat, muscle wasting all can occur with a low potassium situation.


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  1. potassium citrate no that can cause water retention potassum chloride it working better !! so many lies saying it will make you die etc too much what a lie

  2. Dr. U hv done a webiner on fat burning while sleeping its great .
    Can u do the other 2 factors of fat burning. I mean while exercising and the food factor

  3. Hi Dr Berg, I have been using Calamondin with himalayan salt then add stevia/erythritol mix to sweeten the drink. My mixture is about 2 oz of freshly squeezed calamondin juice and between half or 1 teaspoon of himalayan salt then add 2 tspns of stevia/erythritol blend then dilute it with 16 oz water. This is what i drink while playing sports or just to meet my potassium daily allowance. Can you advise me if this is actually helping me or there maybe something i need to watch out for? Thanks.

  4. How to get all that potassium and keep in low carbs?
    I was at diabetic range and that seems to be "fim" after I started on keto.
    But my muscles seems to be eaten by my own body.
    It's really scary…
    So, how can I get some QUICK fix for that???

  5. Dr Berg, Thanks for the great videos, I have a question about your Wheat Grass Juice powder. How much Potassium would 1 serving contain?

  6. GREAT video Dr. Berg, I am a natural bodybuilder; so I want to keep all the muscle mass that I can.. I know that coconut water is a good source of potassium, so after watching this video I plan on drinking a LOT of it.. My question to you is, is there a supplement powder you would recommend; that I can take along with drinking the coconut water? Because I already know that I won't be able to get all of my daily recommend dose, just from the coconut water..

  7. Thank you for letting us know that one bag of lettuce is worth 8-9 cups of potassium. That little fact made me feel better. Now to add in everything else in that salad that you suggested as foods high in potassium won't seem as difficult, plus taking two potassium supplements and a banana or 2 daily.

  8. I lost 55 pounds since the new year without exercise. I simply cut out sodas, one power nap in mid day and sip water often not even a gallon necessary

  9. I've been listening to Dr. Berg YouTube videos for only a month and putting his advice into my daily nutrition choices. I've lost about ten pounds and have way more energy. I also have old injuries that I was going to physical therapy for but then heard his ideas about the gallbladder and paused the physical therapy to see if the right shoulder, back, neck and sometimes even shooting nerve pains down the right arm and leg could possibly really be caused by the gallbladder? – and so far, it does seem to correlate with poor nutrition. It's hard to believe but it is good news because its much more appealing to change my food choices than put up with excruciating shooting pain! I've got my sugar down near zero most days (generally unless I have to travel)- which is incredible for me since I have always had a sugar tooth – once I started focusing on Dr. Berg's potassium sources and amount then my body seemed to get what it has been craving for half a century. For the first time, I'm able to go long periods of time without candy, and even don't crave chocolate! I even forgot a chocolate bar in my kitchen cabinet and happily gave it to a relative who was craving sugar but wouldn't eat my greens, and cruciferous veggies with a few pinches of different kinds of seaweed. Dr. Berg's ideas have also helped me stop over-drinking water which I thought I had to in order to prevent migraines. We've been in a heat wave, I"m drinking way less water, only when thirsty or to get nutrients down, but still no recent headaches. Dr. Berg was what I was looking for to take me to the next level of better nutrition. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Dr Berg….I went on an exclusive fruit diet and only fruit for 12-15 months non stop about 44 years ago and yes lost lots of weight and had cramps, 3 front teeth and what hit me very hard was EXTREME CHILL/COLDNESS HAVING A HEATER AND CLOTHS COULD NOT STOP THIS CHILL….I am now on much less fruit and extra vegies but that chill is still with me maybe 20% gone and have gained some weight. What would you suggest. I am 71, have tried fasting of 5-9 days but the chill is still there.

  11. Hi Dr. Eric Berg, I have suffered majorly with Premature Ventricle Contractions, where I can feel them, and their painful, I'm a bigger guy at 6'8 250 (33 years of age) and have always had some form of high blood pressure, as of recent it's been good 130/65. But I feel my heart pound sometimes lying in bed, I hear it in my ear palpate, or standing up and or sometimes feeling dizzy. I do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks from the pvcs and arrhythmia. I recently started getting them last year after a car accident. I take a beta blocker Metoprolol but doesn't seem to be helping or working, I'm a avid watcher of your videos and listen quite often. I've been doing more greens but I also have been under more stress with my job, so I'm assuming I need like 5000 mg of potassium a day minimum. I'm not sure what to do anymore, I just want to feel better, and not feel these pvcs anymore, and dizzy spells anymore. The cardiologist says I have an Olympic heart as far as my stress test, and said I have a normal heart. I just ordered some beet root powder off of amazon, I take a adrenal support supplement as well. I would love to see you in person as a patient but unsure of your office location. as of lately I've been getting more strange pains in my chest, and major anxiety where I have to take Xanex, but it's me feeling my pulse every sec, I'm so tired of feeling like this, any of your help would be very much appreciated, and this would be a great deal of help. Thank you


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