Principles of Weight Loss: Eat Fewer Calories Not Less Food (Part 1)


People often lose weight when switching from a meat/dairy/egg-based diet to a plant-based vegan diet. In today’s video, I explain why fiber and fat play a huge role in weight loss and how eating fewer calories does not mean eating less food. Join me on Periscope for daily LIVE BROADCASTS (Yes, that’s why it’s a vertical video!)

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  1. What has helped me has been advice by Dr Klaper (eat early in the evening, drink and wait until you feel real hunger, eat healthy vegan food) and Dr Doug Lisle (we can lose real fat only in small amounts daily. It is not good to check one's weight with a scale every day. What we see is just water fluctuation).

  2. AHHH HA!! perfect!! so much confusion! thanks..why does everyone say you can eat 3-4000 calories of plants a day & loose weight?

  3. "Joyful Vegan here! . . . I don't know why I said that." That's your superhero name, of course, and you were looking through your superhero viewfinder for people in omni distress : ) Thanks for posting this. Lots of good, rational points that many people forget.

  4. I have a serious problem. The Oreo, here where I live, pack at the back says " this product may contain milk, because it has been produced in a factory where milk is used in other products" . And not just in oreo. I ate 1 pack of apparently vegan chocolate cookies. This also says the same thing.

    But I read the ingredient list for both Oreo and the other cookies for more than 2 times to make sure those were vegan and there is no "milk" in the ingredient list. What should I do ? πŸ™ plz help πŸ™

  5. Great video. Question regarding the view of your clip.. Why does it only fill a quarter of the screen?

  6. Loved this video. I think you said something really important that can be applied to any diet (and by diet I mean it in its archaic form of just food intake – NOT the modern day use associated with fad diets) that it's about training your palette to appreciate healthy food. Comfort from food is not the same as appreciation of food. Before I went vegan, I lost 40lbs just from changing my palette to enjoy more real healthy food. I tried to eat as many nutrient dense foods. Overtime your taste buds will change – it becomes less of a chore to be healthy. You won't want to eat endless popcorn, chips, ice cream etc. and I honestly feel appreciation comes down to cooking your own food. I find when I cook my own food, whether it's a heavy meal or baked goods, I know how much work went in to creating it, therefore, I'm less likely to gobble the whole thing up in one sitting. Mindless eating, at least from my experience, has been a huge culprit.


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