Set Up A Meal Plan In 5 Steps (Fat Loss & Muscle Growth)


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Introduction: 0:00
Course Overview: 0:58
Calories Explained: 3:23
Determining Your Calorie Needs: 7:07
Macronutrients Intro: 10:17
Ideal Protein Intake: 11:39
Ideal Fat Intake: 15:05
Ideal Carb Intake: 16:00
Food Sources Intro: 19:25
Quality Protein Sources: 21:06
Quality Carb Sources: 22:14
Quality Carb Sources: 23:05
Meal Timing Intro: 23:49
Protein Timing: 24:58
Carb Timing: 28:59
Fat Timing: 30:24
Supplements Intro: 31:38
Top 3 Beginner Supplements: 32:10
Outro: 36:24


No matter what goal in life you want to accomplish you will have to come up with a strategy. Without the proper strategy and gameplan, a goal is nothing more than a dream.

When it comes to meal planning and nutrition your goals might be to lose weight, to gain weight, to lose fat and gain muscle or to simply live a healthy life. Whatever your goals may be this post is meant to teach you how to reach your goals and show you what strategies and principles are proven to work.

In order to give you a complete and concise introduction to nutrition, we have to start with the most abstract principles and work our way towards more practical advice. So in this video, I want to teach you the most important dieting principles that govern your body composition and will determine whether or not you will reach your goals.

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