Training for Fat Loss! – The principles & science behind training for weight loss


Join me +Chris Hall  in a   #googlehangoutonair  as I talk to you about the principles and science behind fat loss.
The topics I’m going to cover are:
*Resistance Training for fat loss* – looking at:
• Sets, reps, tempo
• Rest periods
• Exercise selection
• Program design
• Should strength training be done alone or is it better combined with cardio work?
• Plus, looking into the myth that surrounds spot reduction!

• What is it?
• Why is it good for fat loss?
• How to conduct it
• Pros & cons
• Examples of HIIT methods

• What is it?
• The science behind it
• Is it good for fat loss?
• Pros & cons

*Considerations for females*
• How females differ when it comes to fat loss
• Should women train differently?
• Considerations to take into account
• The best methods to maximize fat loss for women

I certainly guarantee this seminar will change the way you train and your approach to program design.
I look forward to seeing you there!
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