5 Things to do With…. Beef | Food Tube Classic Recipes | #TBT


We’ve painstakingly trawled the back catalogue to find you five amazing recipes for beef that you may have missed back in the day. You’re welcome!

If there’s an ingredient or theme you’d like to see featured then drop a comment below.

Links from the video:
Sticky Beef Ribs | http://jamieol.com/stickybeefribs
Argentinian Beef Stew | http://jamieol.com/argentinebeefstew
Oriental Beef Salad | http://jamieol.com/beefsalad
New York Style Meatballs | http://jamieol.com/newyorkmeatballs
Beef in Oyster Sauce | http://jamieol.com/oystersaucebeef

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  1. The last one is great!! but 8 hours in the owen in the 1st one video!! isn't it a lot?

  2. my stepdad told me that here in the philippines our beef in oyster sauce with brocolli isnt that complicated.. its just fresh beef thinly sliced then sautéed with garlic then add the broccoli and season with salt and pepper then the oyster sauce. but his version he cooked a small amount of garlic roast it then sprinkled it at the end then a splashed of kalamansi (local lemon) i think you should try this. but the best beef recipe for me is what we call BISTEK or beefsteak which the tenderloin or sirloin is marinated with soy sauce and kalamsi or lemon and with onion and a pinch of pepper and sugar overnight. also second best is the BULALO which you boil the beef with bones ribs esp head of cow for a couple of hours together with a lot of pepper and onion then put on potato, corn and finally a minute before you turn off the heat putt PETCHAY


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