BEST 6 Steaks in the World – American, Japanese and Argentine Beef


Taste tested: Australian Sher (Wagyu) Filet Mignon, Japanese Kobe beef (A5 – Sirloin, Ribeye, Tenderloin), New York Porterhouse Steak, Irish Ox Tomahawk Ribeye Steak, French Charlolais Beef, Texas Barbecue Beef Brisket, Japanese Miyazaki Beef, Brazilian Angus, Argentine Black Angus, Lean Japanese Wagyu Beef (A2 – A3), Japanese Matsusaka Beef, Japanese Akita Beef, Okinawa Motobu Beef, American Beef Wellington


  1. So many beautiful cuts of meat from different parts of the world. Different flavors, different textures, different levels of doneness. Two things are the same anywhere when it comes to steak prepared as good as it gets:

    1. High quality cut matters.
    2. Simple preparations. If you have to add a bunch of secret spices and sauces, you're probably eating a crappy piece of meat and you aren't as good of a cook as you thought.

    Honorable Mention: the best chefs still don't use sous vide. Only the emo wannabe trendy ones who refuse to learn how to cook do.

  2. nonononono… cut up a highquality steak while piping hot???? that is NOT the way to do it.. steaks MUST rest to be optimal.

  3. Shake hands between artists and loosers. Starting with the knifes and ending with the sticking of the beef to cheap grill surfaces. Not to mention the greedy way of frying a good piece of meat in the last chapter…

  4. Looking at your vid I was wondering if you also tried some aged beef, something like 70-100 days aging? That's also an amazing thing, and you don't need no japanese beef to start with.


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