Cast Iron Cooking T Bone Porterhouse Steak Recipe


How to cook T bone porterhouse steak in a cast iron pan is today’s cast iron cooking video. Cast iron T Bone porterhouse steak dry rub marinade included. For more skillet recipes please subscribe!

Dry rub ingredients:

crushed black pepper

sea salt

2 tablespoons of real butter

Rub vigorously into both sides of the steak.

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  1. Checking out some of your videos my friend. I really liked this, it's made me want to re-shoot my Steak video. Yours looks so good! Tfs!

  2. This is how I cook my porterhouse steaks, though I like mine medium rare, but to each his own. I couldn't see if you did it or not, but I like throwing a sprig of rosemary in with the butter at the end. Gives it a really nice taste.

  3. Mike Mike!!!Love the video!!I tried to cook a cowboy steak in a cast iron skillet!!!It didnt turn out the way I wanted to.
    Thanks for posting!!!!

  4. Due… i was just th8inking last night i need to do a T-bone steak vid,lol.. i did a Tbone steak a few years ago but wans't good one video skills at the tim,e so going to do another.. Our cooking styles are similar.. stick w the basics, though once in a while i mix it up. I gave you thumbs up as always 😉


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