Caveman Steak Recipe – Cooked directly on the coals


We show you how to cook Caveman steak,directly on the charcoal in a hole dug in the ground. The result is an unbelievable all over seared crust on these steaks, this method is a must try! Links to recipe and item are below in the Show More section or Info Button in the video.

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Videographer/ Editor: Paris Frederick


  1. "The 1/8" of burnt fat and pepper with the butter sauce, as well as the veggies I would probably like, that red meat not fully cooked, not so much".

  2. It started caveman and ended La Cuisine a la French.. I didn't know that cavemen knew about French kitchen.. Ah yes! It was cavemen who lived in France, they stole Michael J Fox's Delorian and traveled to the future and saw Master Chef!


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