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How to cook steak with my porterhouse steak recipe pan. This is the best steak recipe and a great way to cook steak. It’s also a porterhouse steak recipe oven and these recipes for steak are the best steak recipes. How to cook steak porterhouse steak recipe. Beef steak and recipes for steak that is the best steak recipe for how to cook steak. The porterhouse steak and porterhouse recipe is the best steak recipe.

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  1. I'm no expert, but drawing the moisture out of the steak with the spices prior to cooking seems unproductive.Then to slice it half way through also reduces moisture.I suppose if you want a dry well done steak it works.

  2. On point! I have a 2" porterhouse I'm about to make ∧ came across this video. Thanks for making it easy and describing how to make it the best way. Will let you know how it came out. Thanks again

  3. I have two questions, 1) if you put the rub side down for searing, aren't you concern this going burn the rub and make the steak bitter? 2) if you cut the steak while it just been cooked and juice start warmed up for while, aren't you concern this is going to let out those running juice and get a dry steak as result? Please answer.


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