Deer steak & mushrooms recipe


Niki Farmer shares a venison recipe, deer steak and mushrooms.


  1. I had this in mind this evening but didn't have time for the slow cooker. I'll definitely try it this way soon. Looks so good. Thanks.

  2. Almost by the end of year 2013 I was looking for a new recipe for deer meet that was giving to me by my co-worker & I came across your video by the way I did'nt like mushrooms but decided to try out your recipe looking for new flavors my wife & I  made so mush meat that lasted about 4 days for a family of 4 & I have to tell you that it was & still is the best deer meat recipe I haved tryed so good that I told my wife that this is how we're going to cook it from now on, I'm actually cooking it right now again & I'm taking some to my parents to try it when is done so thanks for sharing your video & your recipe I hope that you keep this video for a long time for others to try thanks.


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