Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch


We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special – tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk
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  1. Just watched most recent video from Pewdiepie (Beans Memes), i cant watch this unironically now.. thanks felix, another thing ruined xD

  2. If gordan ramsay made anything other than food and got to name it

    'Today i show you my ULTIMATE toilet design, perfectly engineered for your optimal morning dump'

  3. Food looks great but is this for an adult lunch bag? I have a 6 year old nephew that eats anything (pickled olives, sushi–any kind, sashimi, etc.) but his older sister–and most kids I know–would not eat this. Looks delicious though!!

  4. If i become a parent i will never give all or these to my kids they will be diagnosed with diabetes because all of these is unhealthy

  5. One of my favorite artists. Sumbich been cooking all day. I cook dinner for my son and I and I'm exhausted.


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