Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Lamb Recipes


We’ve raided the vaults of the Gordon Ramsay channel to bring you our top 5 lamb recipes. Just delicious.
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  1. I loved seeing that side of Gordon with his daughter, so sweet passing on his skills in a lovable and very instructional way. Awesome. This is the Gordon I love to watch cook, not the screaming drill sergeant haha focus on the food and the passion of cooking. ^_^

    I can't wait to cook with my daughter, but she's only 4 months old! lol

  2. How old were your kids when you started them out helping you? My kids like to be around me when I cook, but I'm not sure how much to let them do… They're almost 5 and 2.5…

  3. I feel like Gordon is a low key pedo to his kids because he always says, “daddy’s favorite…” or “can you do that for daddy” and his daughters just call him dad while he always refers to him self as daddy instead of saying, “do that” or “can you do that for me” like that shit just makes me uncomfortable but who knows might just be me


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