Grilled Hoisin Beef Recipe – Grilled Beef Skirt Steak with Hoisin Glaze


Learn how to make a Grilled Hoisin Beef recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy grilled beef skirt steak with hoisin glaze recipe!


  1. Hey Chef John, enjoy your videos, BIG FAN. Why would you wipe off the excess marinade. Wouldn't it add extra flavor to the meat or no.

  2. Just curious: why do you wipe off the marinade before grilling?

    I ask because when I was learning how to make beef jerky, a lot of people said to do the same before dehydrating, which I've done both ways, but preferred not removing the marinade.

  3. I love the videos… but the voice is killing me… you purposely Crack your voice at the end and it's annoying lol.. but I love the videos so I'll deal with it


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