Grilled Mojo Beef – Cuban-Inspired Marinated Skirt Steak Recipe


Learn how to make Grilled Mojo Beef! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Cuban-Inspired Marinated Skirt Steak recipe!


  1. Holy Smoke! I thought skirt steak was a "forgotten cut." I thought I'd try this one for the weekend. Just got back from a scout of several local markets – large grocery to specialty butchers – and skirt steak is, as my Irish grandma used to say, "quite dear" (pricey). Guess I'll have to ice up a cooler and make a Costco run to see what they have. BTW, flank steak isn't too far behind. I'm in central NJ.

  2. Isn't it bad that you put the onions from the marinade back into the finished product? You used those onions with the uncooked meat.

  3. Cuban pork, black beans and rice is one of my family's top-five dishes. I never thought to try the mojo with beef. Duh. Looks like I have dinner for this Saturday night. Brace yourself, familia!

  4. Best used for a steak sammie, hands down. Fresh cut red onjun, home grown fresh or at least heirloom maters (some will also add avocado) and the home made, or bakery fresh bread of your choice. Enjoy!

  5. Put that on some corn tortillas with cilantro and a squeeze of lime,  and caramelized onions. Yeah baby. Listening to Chef John is like aural Valium, so soothing and relaxing. You could bottle your voice and sell it as anti-anxiety medication.

  6. There is an outer skirt and an inner skirt muscle. The outer skirt is more tender and is wider . Note to self: don't watch Chef John grill meat when you haven't had lunch and are hungry.

  7. You can find naranja agria (sour oranges) in most Hispanic neighborhoods. It makes a very big difference compare to using regular oranges.

  8. I tried this yesterday and the flavor is spectacular. I do have just one suggestion though (which I should actually do in the blog since all the ingredients are there).
    I appreciate this will sound a bit lazy, but it would really help for us viewers from abroad (I write to you from Brazil) to have quantities in kilograms and milliliters too, since converting the quantities at the market was a bit of a pain! But other than that, keep up the fantastic recipes!


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