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In Japan, teriyaki beef isn’t a stir-fried dish of rubbery beef and sweet sauce. Try teriyaki with a good-quality steak and taste the difference.

This recipe uses the homemade teriyaki sauce from my “Teriyaki Sauce & How To Use It” playlist.


  1. hey Adam can I start a petition to get you to taste the dish right at the end? I hate when people don't taste their food on camera 😀

  2. That's one nice cut of meat to use for Teriyaki!
    Now I'll have to go down to the local Japanese market and get a couple Wague steaks!
    I've been making my own Teriyaki sauce for years. I consider the Saki as optional, although I usually do use it if I have some, otherwise equal parts sugar, Merin, and soy.

  3. Dear Adam, do not use aluminum for cooking. Hot and acidic environment dissolves it and you have it in your food.

    I love your sauce 🙂


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