How to Cook Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver


Jamie shows you his way to cook the perfect beef steak and let’s you in on the secret of how to get the best from your butcher.
(Prices are approximate and based on the price on the day of upload.)

All the food made in this video was shared out and eaten among the very lucky Food Tube crew. Nothing goes to waste.

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  1. I love both Jamie and Gordon, but the statement here is a little bit hyperbolic, although I know it's for entertainment purposes as well.
    "Perfect" is relative, and some beautiful aged cuts are far superior in flavour.

  2. I've been trying to cook a good steak for a while and have tried many recipes but it never turned out perfect. This is the first time I really loved my steak. I followed the instructions of this video step by step. Mind you, get a nice top serlion steak to get perfect results. Thanks Jamie! Enjoy everyone.

  3. This idiot needs some lessons on Beef anatomy before he makes anymore of a fool of himself. The Blade steak he was holding against his leg comes from the opposite end of the animal!! the shoulder blades ( hence the name) which basically is braising steak. I wouldn't recommend any novice trying to fry it. I would adviser spending a little bit more and buying the sirloin steak, always fabulous, never had a bad one yet. All the prices he quoted are about £10 kg too much even 5 years on, and his example of Rump steak looked nothing like I have seen in 30 years of butchering.

  4. I can only eat cow if its ground. I cant eat "rare" (uncooked) beef cuz its just so unhealthy and dangerous to eat undercooked meat and i care about myself so i only eat ground beef that i can cook all the way through


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