How to cook steaks the traditional way


Chef Patrick Heuberger shows us how to cook steaks the traditional way – on a frying pan and on a grill pan. He used the Australian Angus 200-days grain-fed ribeye in the first method and the US corn-fed sirloin in the second method. The full written recipe can be found at

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  1. Well it looks good I would definitely eat either, although I have my own perfection. It starts out with aged beef and jack Daniels

  2. The best way of cooking steaks depends on : how big the steak is, and which material you use. I personnaly cook it in an iron grill pan on gaz. Prior to put the steak in the pan, I drop olive oil in the pan. When the oil is hot, I drop the steak on it, salt it and cover it in order to avoid oil spreading around. My fire is dynamic. After one minut I turn the meat and let it on fire for one minut more. Once it is in the plate, I spread pepper on the steak. Know your material, purchase good meat, and your steak should be fine to you at least.

  3. Yeah use extra virgin olive oil to sear steaks… possibly the worst oil to use as it has the lowest burn temp of them all. Lol!

  4. that "US PRIME" @ 1.22 ain't looking so "PRIME" look at the dark part on the bottom left of steak on the bottom.. looks like old walmart meat


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