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There’s a hundred ways to cook a steak but for me this method has always given me amazing results. The action of flipping your steak regularly keeps the juices in the centre and distributes the heat so no part cools down. No more dry meat ever again.

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  1. This is how I used to do it but now I think it's better just to do 2 mins each side and only touch it when flipping, you get a better sear that way. Still baste with garlic butter of course.

  2. Okay Joel, seems your stuff on the menu last few nites, tonite its steak, your way, could this method be used with other cuts such as filet steaks or sirloin? Looked like you used a strip.

  3. FYI – ALWAYS season your steak at least two hours before cooking. This not only adds a depth flavor but loosens fibers. The same holds true for lamb or roast chicken (which I do overnight). I've eaten at some of the best steakhouses and run into most every technique – soaking in butter, treating with wine, adding soy sauce, 500 / 750 / 900 degree oven. etc

    What they all have in common is pre-seasoning, a deep seer and resting for some time afterwards.

  4. I've been watching steak recipes and this is the most sensible way to cook a perfect steak from the dozens of popular million views videos I've watched

  5. I watched this right before I was going to go to sleep. Now I'm not sure if I can sleep.
    And the grocery store is still open…


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