How to Grill Brazilian Steak with Chimichurri : Recipe on a DCS Gas Grill –


This is my favorite type of steak to grill for a party! In this video I show you how to cook my go to flank steak marinade & chimichurri recipe for making Brazilian style seared Flank steak. This recipe works great as either an appetizer, or entree for the 4th of July! Get the whole recipe and many others by clicking the link below or visit us at for all of your outdoor kitchen needs.

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Videographer/ Editor: Paris Frederick
Logo animation: Ian Cessna
Music: Josh Woodward


  1. As a Brazilian, I approve this video! Although I'd make the chimichurri differently, but the rest is flawless! Parabéns!

  2. Nice video. By the way, chimichurri its not from Brasil. Its from Argentina and Uruguay tipically. Never the less great recipe.

  3. Purely by accident I found my best marinated meat is usually about 3 days, lamb, steak and chicken 🙂 Thanks for the recipe, being an Englishman we just lash the steak on a cast iron skillet with salt and pepper. I guess it depends what steak you have as I would never marinate a truly nice cut of meat 🙂

  4. This flank steak was pure perfection! We never tried this chimichurri recipe on our flanks – but after that video we most definitly have to do this 😉 Cheers to you from a new Subscriber from Germany 😉

  5. I'm going to try that marinade and chimichurri sauce soon. That flank steak was cooked perfectly Tony!!! Luckily, I have a DCS grill that I can duplicate your recipe on!! Yeah me!!! LOL Thanks Tony and cheers brother!!

  6. that's awesome looking Tony! great recipe, and really like your take on the chimi business! cheers brother, great stuff !


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