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Watch how to make Southern-style chicken-fried steak and creamy gravy. Buttermilk and Tabasco Sauce are the keys to the delicious batter.






  1. Nope not right. It's better to use sirloin steak (tenderized) and for the batter use whole milk & eggs then flour. No hot sauce. Just salt and pepper. You made your gravy correctly though, although evaporated milk instead of whole milk is good too.

  2. I had southern fried steak at a steakhouse for the first time it was so damn good had mine with brown gravy though took the left over home had it for dinner the next day still just as good.

  3. someone explain to me why there is no chicken in this, i knew that the steak was beef but expected the chicken to be part of the batter in some shape or form. why not just call this battered steak, like why chicken fried ?

  4. This is on my bucket list of food to try while travelling to the USA…yet another awesome food that the UK hasn't adopted for some insane reason :/

  5. The only thing that would make it better is when the gravy comes off the boil and cools for a min add a ¼ to ½ a cup of buttermilk to the gravy. Its the finishing touch that makes the gravy perfect.

  6. LOL! I took one look at that "lumpy" gravy, and said, "Oh dear, someone didn't cook their gravy right…". Jokes on me, I guess, it's garlic pieces, :S, hehe.


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