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Watch how simply combining 6 pantry items with a little salt and pepper can create a winning marinade for steak (or any cut of beef). Be sure to double up the recipe so you have your own bottle ready to go for the next steak night.

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  1. Same recipe I used last weekend only one addition, add onions. Also you can use red wine instead of balsamic for the vin.

  2. momothebored dont listen to these othah trolls on the internet, they dont understand that your just trying to voice your opinion :/

  3. I know it wasn't a steak recipe but it still would have been nice to see the finished steak. I am sure that marinade glazed after grilling.

  4. To cut down on the salt.. "Adds salt"… All while using full strength Soy sauce. SMH…
    Why does it seem like these recipes are all made by people who have no idea how to cook????


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