How to prep Beef Skirt Steak Recipe S2 Ep255


Here is the correct way to to remove connective tissue and prep beef skirt for grilling into fajitas. This how to prep skirt steak video shows the beginning of a great skirt steak recipe.
This is my Fajita Recipe and it is delicious.

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  1. Thank you for watching my show if you liked it I would really appreciate a thumbs up and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer.

  2. More videos please on cooking this cut and show your prep like this in each video please. I would love to cook this meat more but it's never good eats when I do. I'm on budget and would love to learn this cut and how to make it delicious please

  3. Best information I've seen to date! Thank you. Please do more direct detailed informative videos like this for all things meat. Wow what an awesome series that would be!! I'm subscribing right now with fingers crossed to see it

  4. I cannot tell you how much I needed this detailed instruction and look forward to your other tips!  What should I be marinating this in before I cook it??  Thanks for such a great video.

  5. after you pass the skirt thru a meat temderizer,how do you make the meat a little more tender?
    do you marinate in something , and for how long ?

  6. Having a razor sharp knife is absolutely essential to be able to do this correctly. Great video, thanks for sharing your know how.


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